There is Hope

We specialize in and focus on the best interests of the family!

F.A.I.R Foundation is a non-profit public benefit organization created to help family members navigate the obstacles and challenges of the civil and family court systems in addition to the legal adversities that parents and children often face when dissolving a marriage.

Our mission is to offer an array of support and assist fathers, mothers, grandparents, LGBT couples and children who are going through divorce or custody battles and be a one-stop shop for basic needs, education, recreational outlets, community collaborations and economic development with a spectrum of community resources:

  • Emergency shelters,
  • Legal services,
  • Counseling,
  • Education and training,
  • Union training,
  • Job Training/Placement,
  • Temporary/Permanent housing!

We also aid who are seeking to assure the best interests of the children!

Our goal is to be the number one family-focused organization serving the needs of parents and children going through difficult separations and divorce within the United States of America!

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