About Families Against Injust Rights

Brian Deering, Executive Director, ran a very lucrative and successful profit-sector glass business for many years. All that changed in 2005, when his family life fell apart and, as an adult, he relived what his own parents had struggled through when he was a young boy.

Fortified with, often painful, lessons learned and a quiver of knowledge and experience about divorce, custody, Brian is committed to help others avoid the pitfalls or at least help mitigate the rough road of divorce and custody challenges to minimize the devastating effects children experience and to help parents find closure with their decisions.

F.A.I.R.’s board of directors and advisory board members have expertise in community advocacy, mediation and social services.

The name “Families Against Injust Rights” was originally “Fathers Against Injust Rights”. Since its inception, a number of mothers and those in non-traditional relationships have sought guidance and support from the organization. Consequently, the name was changed in 2014. An additional note: Although “Unjust” is a term more commonly used today, our goals and objectives revolve around what is right and fair and what is going to be the best for all involved in a difficult situation. Therefore, we have revived what might be considered an old English word, “Injust”, to make our point!

To accomplish our goals, F.A.I.R plans to host rock, R&B, old school, and blues concerts as fundraisers. along with community health and wellness fairs and working with professionals of all kinds as well as local undiscovered talent.
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Through our partnership with Chevy’s restaurants, we offer a huge incentive to feed children warm meals, especially in areas known as “food deserts”. Distributed through local school districts, we call it the F.A.I.R Dollar Program! Children can go to any Chevy’s restaurant and sit down to a yummy meal paid for with their F.A.I.R. dollars.

This has been so welcomed by families that we look forward to seeing it grow not only in California but regionally, nationally, and worldwide…there is no limit to making sure children get good food!

The F.A.I.R. Foundation has very aggressive ambitions to help families and children. We are just beginning to address some basic issues that families face through collaborative partnerships with other local community agencies, profit-sector businesses and schools.

You can help support our efforts through PayPal (click here) and by sponsoring events in the community. Also, if we have helped you through a rough time or if we have positively touched your life in some way, your letter of endorsement can really make a difference as we strive to expand programs to meet the diverse needs in our communities.

To become a sponsor, simply call us at (408) 991-4153 or download and fill out the Sponsorship Form (hyperlink)

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