About Families Against Injust Rights

To Accomplish these Goals F.A.I.R will be Hosting Rock, R&B, Old School, and Blues Concerts!
Along with a Host of Mini Fairs with Already Established Mini Fairs, Professionals of all Kinds and Local Undiscovered Talents
Fundraiser for and with Schools, YMCA, Boys & Girls Scout, Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army, Urban Leagues, Local Thrift Stores, Religious Environments, Boys & Girls Club, and the F.A.I.R Foundation.
For Prizes we will be Raffling off many Great Prizes Such as:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Jet Skies
  • Plasma TV’s
  • Washer/Dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Ranges
  • Jewelry
  • Spa Getaways
  • Cruises
  •  Shopping Sprees
  • Computers etc.

We also will be Offering a Huge Incentive to Children Across the NATION! Called the F.A.I.R Dollar ! This Patent Dollar will Consist of Legal Tender for any F.A.I.R Event Running Through California School Districts and Traveling Across America and Eventually Global!
With Approval from School Districts we would like to Help with Funding  to Rebuild and Remodel in  Sub-Division in Less Fortunate areas to Hold Structure in the Community as well as Purity and Pride!
F.A.I.R will be Assisting Senior Citizen Communities, Senior Gleaners, Rest-Homes, Senior Housing. Through Assisting our Fathers and Children we will ask them for a Small Time Donation to Assist within Community Relations with a Senior  Programs.

All proceeds Raised will be used toward the following:

  • Building Fund
  • Transportation Fund
  • Entertainment Fund
  • Home/Foreign Mission
  • Educational Fund
  • Advertisement Fund
  • Security Fund
  • Travel Fund
  • Clothing Fund
  • 911 Shelters

F.A.I.R will be Working with Each and Every factor. With the Top Priority of Letting  and Allowing the Apprentice- Ship Class and High School Students Work on Actual F.A.I.R Foundation Job Site Facilities.
With Passing and Receiving Grants we Hope to Obtain our Own 911 Facility for Housing & Educational Center for Sacramento and Alameda County and Every Struggling Community Across the NATION !

With your Support Through Letter of Endorsements or Sponsorship F.A.I.R will be Able to Reach Goals Designed to Drive Economic Growth, Job Development Through our Educational Centers.
Once your Company Becomes a Sponsor F.A.I.R will Promote your Company at all of our Events with your Company Logo on all of our Local, National and International Promotional Advertisement ads such as:

Local News Channel of the Scheduled Event
Local Radio Stations of the Scheduled Event
Television Commercials – Local, National & International
Magazine & News Paper Ads etc.

To become a sponsor of this great organization is very simple all you have to do is fill out the Sponsorship Form

To expedite this process we’ve provided legal documentation confirming Tax Exemption Confirmation F.A.I.R is a legal Non-Profit Public Benefit Organization ready to conduct Business with your Company.

Once you have completed the Sponsorship Form and your company is ready to become an immediate sponsor  through donations we’ve provided confirmation from Wells Fargo F.A.I.R is ready for your support!

Our Proud Sponsors:

  • Chevys
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