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justiciaIt is in our name. We have years of experience and we are ready to share it for real results on your case. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our fathers, mothers, children and in some cases even grand parents.

2006 Start of F.A.I.R. Foundation 
State 501(c)(3)
Fathers Against Injust Rights In line to help father going through custody battles.
Pilot with 4 shows with local talent from bay area to spread our word and Missions.


Net working. Connections
working in structure with
Factors  that have a voice.
Early years of
Our Start to Raise Awareness.
Looking out for or future and factoring all that is in need of help.To grow and be a success story’s is vital to our children of today. We must protect them and our families.
  2008  F.A.I.R. Foundation 
3 More local shows with Local acts. Shows to spread our Missions, Working with other Non Profits in Education , Awareness of Custody Issue
2009 Awarness Campaign

Show Test Pilot F.A.I.R. Foundation 2009
Late Dec 2013

Food bank collection  Live Stock feedings, Compost piling Recycling, Christmas tree donation. Reptile recovery from client,and placement.


April 2014 Recovery 60 jackets to gift to Lakewood Elementary IMG_0047School Lodi Ca= Fundraiser and keep kids warm.

Donation to East Bay Peace Academy Oakland Ca Awareness Campaign


May 2014 F.A.I.R.Dollar with Chevys Restaurant 20,000 Kids eat free Los_Altos_4meals$ 100,000 grant back to Education.






Glide Memorial Sunday Lunch feeding of 2,600 Homeless & less F.A.I.R. AND Cecil Williams Glide Memorial SFfortunate.






June 2014 Oakland Raider/F.A.I.R.Dollar Point Systems= Games 8 games 30 and 50 lot seats grant back to education.


6/05/14: Two Clients off Monitored visitation and back to weekends and week visits for the Summer 2014. They will both be enrolled in LOV Summer programs.

Kids against hunger

Foothill High School

Kids Against Hunger Alameda County Fair 12,000 meals made Team of 3


6/25/14: F.A.I.R. and LGBT Center San Francisco join hands  with joint logos and protecting there Communities.commUNITYBackFAIRproof

 Image (23)
 July  2014  6 WEEK Pilot program with LOV Summer camp 2014= Manual monitored visitation summer recMonitored Visitation with Parent and Children. Shift to be active and engage in Child’s or Children’s  life out side of sitting in a room with a evaluator and there pen and paper
Summer Rec Brochure
LOV Court-mandated supervision
Court Mandated supervision#2
Letter Pilot
7/08/14  Federal Electronic Filings for F.A.I.R.
We will now move forward in Fast Tracking with Grant Writings and Our Mission to help Families that need our help.
7/11/14  Week two into Summer rec  F.A.I.R. Donation of Toys fromtoys lov summer camp
Toy’s R us Fremont of $1128.00  educational &Projects for children and Student Volunteers.
7/20/14  Grant writing path. Fast Track Status
7/30/14   I-580 Donation 50,000 Pounds of tropical fruit
All Seasons/Save Tow Livermore  CA 2014-07-30 14.32.17
Oakland food bank CA / Bay Area Rescue Richmond CA/ Oakland Zoo
No one injured on this day.
One of 4 trucks went to Oakland Food Bank& Bay Are Rescue Conta Costa County
2014-07-30 08.10.09
Savetow Livermore Donated their man power and trucks to this cause  of Donation
 Letter from FOOD BANK
Great work by Volunteers                                         2014-07-30 09.37.48
2014-07-30 09.58.19
Man power was all but ready and on the go!
 Oakland Zoo Recovered  Close to 10,000 Pounds for the animals to eat
DSC_0036Crew and fruit of love DSC_0021Jack Fruit/ Jaka
Snap shots of the
Oakland Zoo Team
 Very little room but we got it all to them


Oakland Zoo bears, giraffes and elephants dine on tropical fruit thanks to a spilled truckers’ shipment Monday

By Kristin J. Bender Oakland Tribune

Posted:   07/31/2014 07:03:14 AM PDT1 Comment | Updated:   about 15 hours ago

OAKLAND — One trucker’s spilled shipment of jackfruit and plantains Monday on an East Bay freeway turned into lunch for bears, elephants and giraffes at the Oakland Zoo Wednesday.

About 13,000 pounds of plantains, a banana-like fruit, and jackfruit were donated to the Oakland Zoo Wednesday afternoon, making zookeepers grateful and some animals slightly standoffish toward the unfamiliar produce.

“We just fed some jackfruit to our bull elephant Osh. It was the first time he had tried this kind of fruit, so he was a bit hesitant,” zoo spokeswoman Nicky Mora said. “Jackfruit almost tastes like a banana flavor, looks like a melon with spikes, but the fruit on the inside has the texture of a green pepper. So, Osh was a little unsure of the fruit.”

An African elephant named Osh, tries jack fruit for the first time at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. The zoo was donated

An African elephant named Osh, tries jack fruit for the first time at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. The zoo was donated 10,000 pounds of fruit from a truck that overturned on 580 on Monday morning. (Courtesy of Oakland Zoo)

Only fruit in good condition without major bruising, broken skin or insects will be fed to the animals, zoological manager Darren Minier said.

“The giraffes are smelling (the jackfruit) and are interested in it but they haven’t actually conjured up the courage to try it,” he said. “This is obviously one (fruit) we don’t get very often. Once we can confirm it won’t be harmful to them, we will try it with the chimpanzees and other primates. We might try some with some of the birds. We have a lot of animals that enjoy fruit but it’s very sugary so we try not to give them too much.”

The Alameda County Food Bank received about 35,000 pounds of fruit as well. About 12,000 pounds of fruit was destroyed, said Brian Deering, the founder of the F.A.I.R. Foundation, which helped distributed the unsalable fruit.

The fruit donation comes two days after a chain-reaction crash where a tractor-trailer ran into a pickup and dumped as much as 60,000 pounds of tropical fruit onto the Altamont Pass early Monday. Commute traffic was snarled for hours as workers carted boxes from the toppled big rig to transport trucks.

No one was injured, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said.

The fruit was dumped on the median and parts of westbound Interstate 580 just west of the West Greenville Road off-ramp after the 2:45 a.m. crash, CHP spokesman Officer Steve Creel said.

The big rig ran into the back of a broken down pickup, which had lost its lights after colliding with a dump truck earlier Monday.

The pickup driver moved away from his truck and shined a flashlight on the vehicle to alert drivers to the stall. But the big rig driver never saw him or the truck in the darkness, slammed into the back of it in the far right lane, skidded and turned his rig onto its left side, Creel said.

It took nearly eight hours to get the fruit boxes off the truck and clear the accident scene. Commuters were frustrated by the clogged Altamont Pass, where vehicles were backed up onto I-205 and into Tracy.

But at the least the food bank and the zoo animals made out in the deal.

“We will keep (the fruit) as long as it stays fresh,” Minier said. “We don’t want to give our animals too much of a good thing, but if we freeze it we will be able to use it through winter. What fruit is left could be frozen for jackfruit Popsicles.”

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 Prep in August for fundraising campaign
Oakland RAIDERS  Game  7 Home Games Donated back to School Districts and Non profits Per Chevys All Seasons Produce & F.A.I.R. Foundation 30& 50 Seats per game  schedule-ics-module
Games per School District were delegated to involve
30 Children = 5 Schools=5 Monitors= 30 Tickets
45 Children=7 Schools=5 Monitors=50 Tickets
Oakland Raiders Games Donated By F.A.I.R.Foundation
August 15 2014= LOV Summer Parks & Rec Program Newark CA=30Tickets=30 Joint Logos=Food for Families,Ribs &Things All Donations by F.A.I.R.
August 28 2014 = Hemophilia Foundation of Norther California=30  Tickets= 30 Shirts Donation by F.A.I.R. Oakland vs Seattle
October 12 2014= Hayward Unified School District=30 Tickets=30 shirts= Sponsored donation for game per Chevys Fresh Mex. Shirts Donation per F.A.I.R. Oakland vs Chargers
October 17 2014= Oakland Peace Center=50 Tickets=Game donation by F.A.I.R.Oakland vs Cardinals
November 9 2014= Berkeley Unified School District=30 Tickets= 30 Shirts joint logo= Sponsored donation per Chevys Fresh Mex. Shirts Donation per F.A.I.R. Oakland vs Broncos
November 20 2014=  LOV Adopt a Family  Program=50 Tickets= Game Donation by F.A.I.R.Oakland vs Cheifs
December 21 2014= San Jose Mathson School=50 Tickets= Game Donation by F.A.I.R. Oakland vs Bills
 Hemopilia Foundation&F.A.I.R. Foundation
letter of support =FAIR FND ltr HFNC letter of support
 photo hemophilia foundation
Shirts donation per
F.A.I.R. Foundation
Game was funded per
Hemophilia Foundation
Santa Rosa School District Joins in on   F.A.I.R/Chevys dollar point   Santa Rosa Staff member with F.A.I.R. DOLLARsystem=1,500 student. Santa rosa school district mom and staff
 Great start to Nor-Cal
students K- 7
Achieving  goals and earning an outing of fun at Chevys Restaurant  Ca
Federal License approved .  501 (c)(3)   170 (b) (1) (A) (vi)
 In protocol stages of Bonding and Insuring our events,volunteers staff,children,Promoters,Talents,equipment, property ,etc              
F.A.I.R. is on its way= We look to educate and aware soon. Working close on activity’s  and promise as NPO

Puro bandido band_MG_6411 Puro bandido band_MG_6395 Puro bandido band_MG_6380 Puro bandido band_MG_6372 Puro bandido band_MG_6361 Puro bandido band_MG_6275 Puro bandido band_MG_6132JOSE SANTANA

Carlos Santana Family
 Great night of music
Showing Support
Supporting the communities and Mission District of    San Francisco 
Fine sounds
Johnny Gunn
35th Anniversary
Brothers forever
Puro Bandido
Great American Music Hall SF
 Hayward Unified School District Children From Palma Ceia Elementary School

Image (27)
We would like to send appreciation to you and/or Chevys for the gift of Raiders/Chargers tickets to Palma Ceia Elementary in Hayward.

Thelma Fones, Principal of Palma Ceia Elementary


 Halloween Time More                                  HAYWARD UNIFIED
F.A.I.R. Chevys Dollars  kids Halloween 2014 - Copy
Learning is Key
Photo F.A.I.R. Foundation drummer chris moore
Soft opening of ROCKBAR
San Jose
Chris Moore Pro Drummer
Support with Music is Key
                                          BODY CAM/SYSTEMS OF PROTECTION
We will now use Police/ Military  VIO Tactical  Body Cams & Pro Vision to protect and supported our clients from hear say buy court evidence ,against domestic violence,  false testimony’s  through custody issues. Evidence will be use for Judges and pov-full2Law full-kit.png body cameraenforcement Lawyers,evidence to prove case miss conduct and faults  allegations on the behalf of either involved or third parties  involved . Our F.A.I.R. Agents will help in this movement. Protection for our  children, clients is a key factor in the turn out and direction.
Oakland Raiders First win and we got to be there. LOV Newark
Thank you boys and Mothers for your support. Future Police and F.A.I.R. Agents
F.A.I.R. Foundation has now started to work with High School Children on Donation hour to Graduate. Pre Grraduates will help in Donation of time to Glide Memorial & Kids Against Hunger.
Foothill High School, Pleasanton Ca & Students in East Bay Community’s and California Districts
F.A.I.R.Foundation has allowed adults to work of their Traffic Violations For hour of Donated time  in Senior Centers.  Helping our Seniors with what their needs are.
Helping Seniors in=
House keeping,Shopping,Yard work,Cooking,General chores, Helping with common facilitation of life for our Elderly
Any and all need’s . This will help our Seniors THRIVE…
 Thanksgiving Holidays
 Donation of $500 to feed the Homeless in Sacramento Ca  Helping feed 263 people Thanksgiving Dinner
2014 Thanksgiving Meal Event Photos
2014 Thanksgiving Dinner Flyer 
F.A.I.R. Foundation Thank you Letter(1)
San Jose School District F.A.I.R.Chevys Point system is helping children achieve
Click link to see Thank you Letters    Lee  Mathson Middle School San Jose Letter of Support
20141221_140933San Jose School                         District Thank you from the children           
F.A.I.R. Body CAM Work.
Street Low Magazine Car show- Salinas Ca Test Pilot Body Cam 2 System Test. Salinas P.D.  March 2015
Pics of me at street low Rick Chase 106.1 KMEL ClearChannel.
Big Mike 106 &Park
Test Pilot with Salinas PD BODY CAMERAS
Thank you too all
  for your support
General Public Notice
Per Regulation
We work to protect the Public.
Both Camera’s Systems worked well.
We will look into others as well.
Finding the best product that is Mandated is Key, in the protection of our clients.
We will now work on Taser Systems. Grant Writing and submissions to further.
April -May 2015 Grant works and finals.
We look forward to inviting all Federal& State trained Law Enforcement Officers to assist in our matters.
Grants to hire -Trained Officials  per State & Federal,that have lost there Right To Bare Arms. Do to DV Orders per State& Federal Code:
F.A.I.R. Foundation Works= July
Discovery Per Gunn Case: Prep for Trial & Attorney Referral of: 7-01-15 LAW OFFICES OF ROBERT F. KANE  Council per Gunn/F.A.I.R. Foundation see link bellow. 7-15-15
First Appearance Hayward Court Alameda County Ca. Council of Record. http://www.martindale.com/Robert-F-Kane/238765-lawyer.htm
Glide Memorial :http://www.glide.org    / Volunteer work for Senior Check- in 7-15-15
Embryo Trial San Francisco Ca. We will now oversee Trial.
Finley vs Lee Trial
  Please see link bellow   400 McAllister Superior Court of California
Riley Vs Dr lee Picture of Dr leeDr. Lee
https://youtu.beFinley vs Dr lee pic of finley/1_267xpeAog
Photo’s per SF Chronicle/All Right belong too SF Chronicle News/Staff and Publishers.This is only to Aware Public and not to breach.
Thank you to our 501(C)(3) Families of the Press 
 Mr. Riley
 We recommend a must watch film on NETFLIX called
DIVORCE CORP.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha_VGcJHhQA
This documentary is very real. All should Educate themselves on this factor, of what is about to affect our Children & Families on a National Level . We will join hands with other NPO’s to film our own Documentary very soon.
Board Member/ Staff oversight : We have been looking for Board Members to Join this Wonderful. Mission

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