Donate to Families Against Injust Rights

In order to help expand the efforts of the F.A.I.R. Foundation to make sure that families have the best chance to go through the divorce and custody process with less strife and stress and to make sure that the best interests of the child are served,

I would like to sponsors the following:

  • Sponsor a F.A.I.R. event – $10,000
  • Help five parents through the court process – $5,000
  • Buy tickets and A’s gift mementos for 200 children – $2,50
  • Take care of all the expenses related to emergency housing or transportation for two low-income parents going through divorce – $1,000

Families Against Injust Rights (F.A.I.R) Foundation is involved in a variety of procedures, research, and education activities concerning welfare of kids in family divorce and custody battle situations.  These activities are funded by limited grants awarded from government programs and non-profit organizations.  However, private donations are equally important to advancing the FAIR Foundation’s mission, which are made by our participants, families, and members of the public who wish to contribute to our fight for children’s rights and well being.

Donations can be made in honor and support of family members and friends.